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  • Heating /Air Conditioning
    Mid-State Mechanical can service, repair and install air conditioning from small residential to large commercial.

  • Refrigeration
    Mid-State Mechanical can service, repair and install commercial refrigeration equipment.

  • Sheet Metal
    Mid-State Mechanical can repair, replace or install sheet metal products to complete your HVAC needs.

  • Service
    Mid-State Mechanical service department has the skill and knowledge to service many types of systems, from small residential units to large refrigeration systems including chillers, boilers and RTU's.

  • PM's
    Mid-State Mechanical has preventative maintenance programs for all customers big and small. Based on your needs or budget we offer annual, bi-annual or monthly contracts.

  • Design Build
    Mid-State Mechanical Design Group has over 20 years design build experience. We install what we design, we know what works and how it works.

  • Residential Geothermal
    A geothermal heat pump is the greenest, most efficient, and most cost effective heating & cooling system available. That's because it uses the free renewable solar energy stored in your backyard rather than burning fossil fuels.

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